Minutes from the Los Angeles chapter of SDC meeting on October 26, 2017


Meeting Convened @ 7:30 pm

1) No report from Treasurer Doug King who was absent.
2) Proposal to change the name of, and the date of the “Winter Meet" for the reason that the customary schedule date conflicts with that of another Studebaker club—the “Antique Studebaker Club” resulting in attendance problems for us both. Currently set for March eighteenth, Howard and George propose moving it to Sunday, March twenty-fifth. Also proposed by Andrea was simplification of the event title to Los Angeles Studebaker Show.
3) Location of the annual meet has been changed to Bob’s Big Boy of Northridge which offers more space and freedom from the entanglements of extensive and costly insurance protections required at the previously considered location of Carson Park in Burbank. it is still set for March 25th.
We will need to obtain a generator to power a PA system for music and announcements.
4) George Colvin attended a gala transportation design invitation-only event at PACCD recently where, among many French and Italian classic cars he showed his ’56 Flight Hawk.
5) Jim Ober shared a novel factoid that a car show event in Palm  Springs—Paradise Road-- is derived from  the fictional street featured in a closing scene from the movie “American Graffiti.”
6) In response to occasional requests to host an annual Pacific Southwest Zone Meet by the  Los Angeles chapter, which have previously been deemed too demanding of resources to accommodate ourselves, we, the LASDC have conferred with the other regional club Chapters of Beach Cities and San Diego, and agreed to combine efforts for a shared venue merger agreement for this event. Frank Wenzel of Palm Springs has offered to coordinate the necessary arrangements in PS including hospitality accommodations at city restaurants, hotels, tours and other activities in the area. Date TBD but sometime in autumn.
7) Dennis O’Brien won a Studebaker Bench at the zone meet in Clovis!
8) "Parts inventory" at King Ranch parts storage in planning.
9) Printer costs were discussed.
10) Discussed the need for assistance with and/or direction of computer- based club membership registration and registration before winter meet to expedite registration for that event. Calling for volunteers.
11) Invitation to the Christmas party at the Obers’ house was made.
12) Car restoration status reports.
13) Jim Ober reports a good specialty transmission repair shop in Valencia—“The Transmission Man.” Also recommends “Bob’s Alignment” in Simi Valley.